All pricing is contingent on the type of service requested. Use the general pricing list below to have an idea of price range. Lowball price requests will not receive a response.

I cannot take on unpaid projects with exceptions made for 501(c) non-profits and schools working within grants.

I have over 15 years experience as a performing artist, over 10 years experience as a teaching artist, hold an MFA degree (and the student loans to prove it), and am an accredited officiant. I use professional recording and editing tools. All pricing is industry standard. I cannot take on unpaid projects, but I can work within your budget.

Please use the contact portal to negotiate a budget for your particular request!

General Pricing

Editorial Services and Performance Coaching pricing starts at $40 per hour or $10 per page for smaller editorial projects.

Grant Writing Services start at $40 per hour, with negotiable rates available to 501(c) non profits and educational institutions.

Poetry-On-Demand rates start at $25 per poem (up to 15 lines) or $50 per hour for private/corporate on-site engagements, with a minimum requirement of 3 hours.

Voice Work starts at $35 per small radio spot, $150 per website recording. For major market commercials and audiobook prices, please use the contact portal to negotiate a budget for your project.

Literary Education and Workshops start at $100 per session, depending on scope, requested services, and number of participants.

Officiant Services start at $500, contingent on type, distance, and other customizations. Customized wedding vows start at $100, or can be rolled into an officiation bundle.

Payment Terms & Conditions

PAYMENT TERMS: For all services the full fee is due at the time your request is made, prior to the service. Payment must be received before the commencement of your service.  Due to the difficulty with debt collection, all payments for services must be tendered in advance.

PAYMENT METHODS: For all services, I accept PayPal, Venmo and Zelle, unless other payment conditions have been negotiated and agreed to in advance. All payment transfers are done through the third-party platforms PAYPAL and VENMO, so please be familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use for these third-party platforms. I am not liable for any mishandling by these third-party platforms.

REFUND POLICY: Literary and educational services by Brennan DeFrisco (DBA Hella Poetry) constitute a professional service and due to the nature of the service and labor involved, all services are non-refundable. However, if no service was performed or the service has been cancelled within the terms and conditions of contracted work prior to its commencement, your fee will be refunded to you in full. All payments are non-refundable in the case of wedding services. If services have been performed on a cancellation outside of the agreed upon contract, hourly labor will be deducted from the refund. Refunds without reasonable cause are not permitted. Claims of artistic quality/merit, personal value, or other subjective complaints do not constitute reasonable cause.